Make Your Smile Bright with Teeth Whitening Services in Beaumont TX

by | Jan 16, 2016 | Dentist

Tooth stains are difficult to overcome even when a person does all they can to keep their teeth clean after eating. Certain foods are more likely to cause stainings such as berries, cola, carrots, and coffee. Unfortunately, the aging process can often make stains become more pronounced because of the microscopic pores that grow larger as one grows older. Though staining can be difficult to remove at home, the dentist has a treatment option with Teeth Whitening Services in Beaumont TX.

Dentists are able to provide patients with better results than at-home pastes and gels can offer because they have access to more potent levels of whitening agents. These agents are made of hydrogen peroxide which has the ability to bubble the stains away from the innermost layers of the teeth. This is an area toothpaste, and at-home whiteners cannot touch.

With Teeth Whitening Services in Beaumont TX, all types of staining can be removed. The only stains that may not be able to be removed through these treatments are those caused by medications like tetracycline. When this type of staining is present, the dentist can cover the tooth with the bonding material or a porcelain veneer.

When a person has their teeth whitened through the dentist, the results can often allow them to go up to ten shades lighter or even more. The results of dental whitening treatments typically last up to two years, as long as a person is careful to keep their teeth brushed. It is important one avoids smoking and is careful to brush after drinking coffee or cola.

With whiter teeth, a person can feel much more confident in the appearance of their smile. A bright white smile can light up a person’s face and make them look much younger. If you are tired of being embarrassed about your smile, a dental whitening treatment can help. If you are interested in teeth whitening, click here for more info. Visiting website Domain can allow you to learn more about the procedure and how it can benefit your smile. Call today to schedule an appointment and get started and achieving your beautiful smile.

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