Myths about Teeth Whitening Lawrenceville NJ Procedures Debunked

by | Mar 26, 2020 | Dentist

Have you ever used teeth whitening products to bring back that shine to your smile? If so, you’ve probably heard people say that whitening your teeth can hurt your enamel or some other half-truth. Here are some myths about teeth whitening Lawrenceville NJ procedures and the actual truth that’s behind them.

It’s Unsafe to Whiten Your Teeth

While people will say that whitening your teeth isn’t safe, most dentists would beg to differ. In fact, most worldwide dental organizations will tell you that it is safe to whiten your teeth as long as you follow the correct method for doing it. There are two main issues when talking about the safety of teeth whitening. For one, it’s never good for the gel in these products to touch the gums or the soft tissue in the mouth or lips. Secondly, the sensitivity of the teeth can sometimes be an issue. But with professional Teeth Whitening Lawrenceville NJ products, these issues are minimized so you can feel assured that the product isn’t going to be a danger to you or your teeth.

Teeth Whitening Makes Your Smile Too Bright

Everybody’s teeth are different. When it comes to doing teeth whitening Lawrenceville NJ procedures, your results are going to be different than the next patient’s results. That’s because your teeth aren’t going to respond the same way as everybody else’s teeth. If your teeth are genetically yellow, your teeth whitening procedure isn’t going to make your teeth as white as someone who has naturally white teeth. Other people might have stains on their teeth that resist the whitening formula and those stains aren’t going to go away regardless of how many times you try to whiten them. There are limits to what teeth whitening can do, but it will give you a brighter smile than what you have right now.

You Can’t Whiten Your Veneers, Caps or Crowns

This is a big myth in the dental industry. You actually can whiten your veneers, caps and crowns. The main ingredient in most teeth whitening formulas is hydrogen peroxide. This is an agent that is used to clean all types of surfaces, including the ones used in crowns, veneers, caps and even dentures. Some dentists are concerned that this product can weaken the bond used in these products, so it’s important to consult with your trusted dental expert before using these products on surfaces other than just your natural teeth. Schedule a dental visit today.

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