No Gaps Teeth Whitening: It’s Possible!

by | Nov 16, 2018 | Dental Care

The no-gap guarantee is an option from many dentists, and it usually means that you can get preventative care at no extra charge when you have an Australian health fund. However, many people get confused when talking about no gaps teeth whitening. It’s not a traditional whitening procedure whereby you can change your tooth colour up to eight shades. In most cases, dentists refer to it as a cleaning because even a routine cleaning can whiten the smile. If you notice that you’ve got yellow stains around the gum line, it’s likely caused by plaque and tartar, which is easily removed during the cleaning process.

No gaps teeth whitening gives you a healthier smile, partly because it can whiten your teeth somewhat. If you have severe stains from colas and other dark beverages, it is likely to remove those surface stains. It can also remove some yellowing from cigarette smoke and the like. However, most dentists also offer true tooth whitening procedures that can instantly change and significantly change your smile. You can always talk to them about your options and discuss any budgetary concerns you may have. They might be willing to work out a payment plan for any cosmetic procedures you desire.

At Marketfair Dental Care, they understand how confusing it can be to hear no gaps teeth whitening. With their no-gap guarantee, you can get many routine and preventative treatments at no cost to you if you have an Australian health fund. This includes cleanings and check-ups. Many times, the cleaning is all you need to whiten the smile effectively. However, deep or set-in stains may require extra treatments, such as cosmetic tooth whitening. You can discuss these needs during your visit and are sure to find a time that suits you, as they are open seven days a week.