Overcoming Anxiety to Acquire a Dental Implant at a General Dentistry Clinic in Garden City NY

Overcoming Anxiety to Acquire a Dental Implant at a General Dentistry Clinic in Garden City NY

Many people are nervous or even scared of going to the dentist, even when it’s for a procedure they want to have done. Getting a dental implant to replace a missing tooth, for instance, should be more psychologically appealing than having a tooth extracted. Nevertheless, thinking about having an implant installed in the jawbone can provoke anxiety and lead people to delay the procedure. It’s helpful to find a General Dentistry Clinic in Garden City NY that is known for enhancing patient comfort and offering state-of-the-art dental care.

When a dentist with a general dentistry clinic in Garden City NY places an implant, this has advantages aside from the cosmetic benefits. Teeth roots stimulate the jawbone to continue producing new bone cells and to maintain proper bone density. After a tooth is extracted, the empty space can cause the jawbone to gradually begin deteriorating in that area. An implant prevents that deterioration because the bone reacts to it just as it reacts to natural tooth roots. Having an implant also prevents teeth on either side of the gap from gradually drifting into that gap. For these reasons, it’s important to overcome anxiety and fear that lead people to delay having the dental work done. Once someone has determined methods to get past those negative emotions, he or she is ready to Schedule an appointment and have the dental implant placed.

The nervous individual might ask a dentist such as Gerald Grossman, D.D.S. whether it would be OK to bring a small electronic device and a headset in order to listen to some favorite music or watch videos. This is a tactic recommended by many people who are scared of dental appointments. Listening to music or an audio book, or watching TV shows or a movie makes the time go by swiftly and takes the patient’s mind off the procedure. The patient should understand that implant installation is relatively painless, although there is bound to be discomfort when the local anesthesia wears off. The dentist will provide a prescription for a short course of pain medication, after which over-the-counter painkillers should be effective enough.

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