What Patients Can Expect when they Need a Root Canal in Gainesville

by | Apr 25, 2018 | Dentist

It’s been said that tooth pain is worse than the pain of childbirth. Although that might be an exaggeration, there’s no question that a toothache can be unbearable. When the reason for the pain isn’t obvious and can’t be controlled with over-the-counter pain medicine, it’s important to get to a dentist immediately. In cases like this, urgent treatment is often necessary to stop the pain and prevent it from recurring. Sometimes severe pain means a patient needs a root canal in Gainesville.

What to Expect

Patients who are in severe pain should try to make a same-day appointment with their dentist. When they get to the office, they can expect the dentist to examine their teeth and likely take an x-ray of the offending tooth. The x-ray will allow the dentist to see the extent of damage to the tooth and determine whether a root canal in Gainesville might be the most effective treatment. Patients can expect their dentist to explain their treatment options and expected outcome of each option.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

A root canal may be the most expensive option, but it could also be the most beneficial. A dentist may also tell a patient they have the option to have the painful tooth extracted. If the pulp has been infected, a patient may eventually lose the tooth if they don’t get it treated. However, having a tooth extracted will leave a space in the mouth that could result in the remaining teeth shifting to fill the gap. With a root canal and crown to cover the tooth, a patient may be able to keep the tooth for many more years.

Many people believe that root canal therapy is a painful treatment. However, the opposite is true for many patients. Having an infected tooth can cause throbbing mouth pain. The actual treatment for that infection relieves the pain by removing the pulp and nerves from the middle of the tooth. After that material is removed, it’s replaced with gutta-percha, and the tooth is resealed. Patients who want to learn more about their options before scheduling root canal treatment can visit ExceptionalDentistry.com to learn more.

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