Prevent and Treat Stained Teeth With Dental Services in Trumbull, CT

by | Mar 11, 2019 | Dentistry

Stained teeth are not only unsightly, but may cost people with them jobs and dates. A 2008 study of job interviewees by the Kaiser Family Foundation reported that people with bad teeth, including those with stained teeth, were passed over for jobs more often than people with bright white teeth. The good news is that stained teeth are preventable. Even people with stained teeth who live in the greater Trumbull, CT area can get treatment with the help of dental services in Trumbull, CT.

Brushing and Rinsing

After eating or drinking a stain-causing beverage like cola, coffee or red wine, brush with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste recommended by dental services in Trumbull, CT or elsewhere. At least rinse with water to help reduce the chance of stains appearing on teeth.

Use a Straw

Many popular beverages easily stain teeth. These include coffee, teas, colas, tomato juice, grape juice, wine and many other types of fruit drinks. These stain teeth by coming into contact with the tooth surface. By using a straw, the stain-causing liquid bypasses the teeth.

Stop or Do Not Start Smoking

Tobacco or marijuana smoke are the common culprit of stained teeth. Tobacco stains from cigars, cigarettes or chewing tobacco are particularly stubborn for even dentists to remove. There are many other health reasons to quit or not take up smoking as well.

Never Self-Diagnose

There are many reasons why teeth become yellow or stained. Some of these are side effects of medical conditions or medications. It is best to let a dentist diagnose the cause of stained teeth rather than trying to self-diagnose the cause. Teeth caused by antibacterial use as a child, for example, will not whiten with over the counter tooth whitening products.

Many Available Treatments

There have never been more treatment options open for people with stained teeth. These include professional whitening treatments at the dentist, veneers, and bondings. Avoiding foods and drinks that stain teeth and brushing at least twice a day help prevent current stains from darkening.

In Conclusion

Stained teeth can be prevented but also can be treated. Visit the website of Commerce Park Cosmetic Dentistry if you have more questions about preventing stains on teeth or removing stains from teeth and live in the Trumbull, CT area.

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