Reasons to Get Partial Dentures in Beachwood, NJ

by | Oct 21, 2016 | Dentist

People all over the country get partial dentures each year, and these people are not always just the elderly. The loss of teeth can be triggered by many different things, such as gum disease, old age, or general decay. A sudden injury can also knock out several teeth and cause the need for dentures. Whatever your reason for acquiring dentures might be, you cannot go without a full set of teeth for long. No matter your age, your dentist can create dentures perfectly suited to your needs that are all but impossible for strangers to notice.

Improved Speech

One issue that arises with missing teeth is an impaired ability to speak and enunciate properly. This is especially true if you are missing several of the teeth in the front of your mouth. Most folks don’t realize just how often they use their teeth to create sounds crucial for conversing, such as hard T’s and TH’s. Partial dentures in Beachwood, NJ will correct any speech issues caused by missing teeth. Contact us to learn more about your options.

Improved Biting and Chewing

When you eat, you use all of your teeth. Although most individuals have a favored side for grinding, you cannot eat properly if you have several missing teeth. Partial dentures are just as sturdy as real teeth and will help you enjoy all of your favorite foods without interruption. If you choose to go without them, you may be forced to severely alter your eating habits to account for the changes in your mouth.

Dentures represent a way in which you can continue a normal lifestyle without difficulties. Advancements in technology have made them stronger, last longer, and modern dentures now look more like natural teeth. Unless you take them off directly in front of a person, most people will have no idea that you even have dentures in the first place. Do not allow missing teeth to negatively alter your life.

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