Reasons to Schedule Professional Teeth Cleaning in Midwest City OK

A clean smile looks and feels great. However, no one can create the same results of professional Teeth Cleaning in Midwest City OK at home. People of all ages can benefit from an in-office cleaning. Here are some reasons a patient may want to schedule this procedure.

It’s Been Over Six Months

Dental cleanings are part of a regular preventative examination. Most dental clinics recommend patients schedule these exams every six months. If a patient puts off this important checkup, there is a higher likelihood of the dentist finding other problems.

Teeth cleaning is performed at the end of a biannual check-up. During the cleaning, the hygienist will look for any bleeding, recession, or tooth sensitivity that may have gone unnoticed during the exam. For many patients, this cleaning is the best part of the appointment.

Tooth Sensitivity Is an Issue

Sensitivity is a common complaint at the dentist’s office. In most instances, this pain is not a serious issue. Most patients can reduce their sensitivity by switching to specially formulated toothpaste. In other cases, however, sensitivity may point to a bigger problem.

Anyone who suddenly experiences sensitivity should make an appointment with their dentist. Teeth cleaning is usually part of this appointment. The dentist will try to see what triggers the pain and recommend a treatment plan to the patient.

Gums Bleed When Brushing

Under normal circumstances, a person’s gum tissue should be strong and firm enough to withstand brushing. If a patient notices blood whenever they brush their teeth, it may be the first sign of gum disease. A trip to the dentist is in order.

Gum disease is often treated with Teeth Cleaning in Midwest City OK. However, this cleaning is more thorough than a regular exam and is called scaling and root planing. During the cleaning, the dentist removes bacteria from the diseased tissue. Since this treatment is painful, the dentist may recommend cleaning the mouth in quadrants.

There are many reasons to schedule professional teeth cleaning. These cleanings may be used to prevent or treat many common dental problems. Visit the website to learn more about the importance of scheduling regular cleanings with a local dentist. You can also visit them on Facebook.