Request Orthodontic Treatment for Your Child

by | Sep 24, 2018 | Dentist

If your child has crooked teeth, then it is essential to take him to an orthodontist for treatment. Braces for Elmhurst children are available in a variety of styles, including traditional metal brackets and wires or lingual braces worn on the backs of the teeth. First, an orthodontist will collect medical images of your child’s mouth and face to see if your child has any underlying dental problems. The orthodontist will determine if your child has mild, moderate or serious malocclusions that require orthodontic treatment. Teenagers with mild to moderate misalignments can often wear removable plastic aligners rather than wearing braces.

Aligners are Worn for Up to One Year

Today, a computer software program will design your child’s braces or aligners. In addition to using your child’s medical images, the orthodontist will collect molds from the top and bottom of the mouth. Teenagers who wear aligners may need to have new molds taken frequently if their face is growing so that each set of aligners fits properly. The treatment time with aligners is typically six months to one year, but during that time, your child will have numerous sets of aligners that are worn for two weeks at a time.

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Braces for Elmhurst orthodontic patients will remain on their teeth for two to four years. When a child is wearing braces, he must learn how to perform the proper type of oral health care to keep his teeth in the best condition. To avoid breaking the brackets or wires of braces, a patient must eat a soft food diet while still consuming nutritious fruits and vegetables. For additional information about braces or aligners, you can call Oakbrook Orthodontics at 630-705-7900, or you can visit its website.

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