Signs that Tooth Extraction in Bridgeport, CT is Needed

There is no question that people need to monitor their teeth for any possible issues that may arise. If something does happen, get to the dentist right away so they can determine the proper treatment option. The fact is, the teeth are constantly developing and moving and if tooth decay occurs, there is a chance that a tooth may develop irreversible infections or damage. Getting to know the signs that a Tooth Extraction in Bridgeport CT is needed can be beneficial.

Overcrowding or Impaction

An impacted tooth is one that has shifted or grown into the wrong position, which renders it completely useless. If the teeth are too big to fit in the mouth comfortably, then this is a condition that is called “overcrowding.” Teeth that can be overcrowded may prevent other teeth from being able to erupt, which means the dentist will have to remove them to give the other teeth additional space. In some situations, dentists may have to perform several extractions before putting braces on a person’s teeth to ensure there is plenty of room for the necessary teeth to move into the proper places.


Another indication that a patient needs tooth extraction in Bridgeport, CT is if a tooth starts to decay. This can be treated in several ways, but in some cases, the decay becomes so bad that the procedures are not able to be done and they are unsalvageable. A tooth that is severely cracked or broken is known as a damaged tooth, and the dentist will likely decide to pull them.


If a tooth that is decayed, then it can spread into the pulp of the tooth. This may be dangerous because if the pulp gets infected, then it can spread from one tooth to another. In most cases, a root canal will be recommended for this issue. However, in some situations, the damage will be so extensive that the only option will be to extract the tooth.

If a dentist recommends extraction, it is not something that should be ignored. With today’s dental techniques, the procedure is virtually pain-free. Additional information about tooth extraction can be found by a patient who takes the time to browse our website.