Spot These Common Signs Of Gum Disease

Dental conditions that cause discomfort and perhaps pain are often hard to overlook. Gum disease Cary, IL is a common dental health problem whose early signs are easy to overlook. Unlike other dental issues that can be painful and hard to ignore, gum disease is often painless and could continue to go unnoticed for extended periods. Failing to spot these signs could have severe consequences such as tooth loss. Keep an eye out for these signs.

Swollen & Red Gums

This is one of the earliest signs that your gums will communicate of an impending problem. Gum diseases often starts by attacking the gum line. If you notice pain and tenderness even without brushing or flossing, this could be gum disease Cary, IL.


Brushing your teeth with tough bristles or flossing vigorously, could trigger bleeding. However, if you notice that your gums bleed easily even without cleaning them vigorously, you could be looking at possible gum disease growth.

Bad breath

Bacteria feed on plaque. Your mouth creates a conducive ground for bacteria to thrive. The bacteria, coupled with food debris, can produce a toxin with a foul smell. Although bad breath could be an indication of another dental problem, you cannot rule out gum disease Cary, IL.

Sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth are a clear indication of a dental problem. One probable cause is progressing gum disease that goes hand in hand with gums that are shrinking. Receding gums caused by gum diseases may expose the dentin. The dentin is sensitive to change in temperature. Only your dentist can examine the cause of your tooth sensitivity and find a way to solve it.

Other abnormalities such as pus in between teeth, loose teeth, and changes in bites can be an indication of progressing gum disease. Call us now at Cary Dental Associates LLC for immediate remedies before the problem progresses into more significant issues. Gather more information about us through our site. We are glad to be your solution finder.