Steps for Getting Dental Implants in Jenks, OK

by | Jun 21, 2022 | Dental

Dental implants in Jenks, OK, are an ideal solution to replace missing teeth and restore aesthetics and function. Your dentist evaluates your dental health and recommends implants to restore your smile. Understand the process before committing to the procedure.

Install the Base

The first step in getting dental implants in Jenks, OK, is installing the titanium root. First, your dentist will verify that your jaw bone density can accommodate a dental implant. After creating the root, the dentist will place the dental plate to secure the titanium root. You must wait for this procedure to heal completely before moving to the next step.

Check the Condition

Your dentist will schedule an appointment to check the condition of the dental implant root. They may have to remove the gum around the new implant to ensure the prosthetic tooth will sit properly. Some dentists will perform this step simultaneously with the first step. Once the dentist determines the area has healed properly, they will fit you for a prosthetic and schedule an appointment to install it. A temporary crown is necessary at this stage.

Install the Prosthetic

The final step for dental implants in Jenks, OK, is installing the prosthetic. Your dentist will check if the prosthetic tooth fits correctly before cementing it. Once your prosthetic is in place, the procedure is complete. However, you should follow instructions to avoid irritating the area or pulling the prosthetic out of position before it heals.

If you’re interested in exploring dental implants in Jenks, OK, to restore your smile, visit Elwood Avenue Dental to schedule a consultation.

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