Teeth Cleaning Is an Important Part of Family Dentistry in Elizabeth NJ

Teeth Cleaning Is an Important Part of Family Dentistry in Elizabeth NJ

While there are many dental services that are available from Family Dentistry in Elizabeth NJ, one of the most important is teeth cleaning. Unfortunately, the vast majority of individuals do not see the dentist as often as they should so they do not take advantage of this valuable service that can help to protect their teeth from decay. This service should be sought a couple of times a year to ensure a person’s smile is protected.

Why Is Teeth Cleaning So Important?

Many people do not realize the importance of teeth cleaning. Even though a person may brush and floss daily, there are areas of their teeth they can end up missing. These areas become vulnerable to developing plaque and tartar which will eventually lead to decay.

The dental hygienist has dental tools that can be used to remove the plaque and tartar from all areas of the teeth. This is especially important for the vulnerable back molars that are full of nooks and crannies that become breeding grounds for bacteria.

What Can Individuals Expect From Teeth Cleaning?

It is important to note; teeth cleaning does not cause any pain. The dental hygienist will first clean the teeth with a special tool and an abrasive toothpaste to remove the plaque. If any tartar is present on the teeth, a special tool will be used to scrape down this hard calculus and remove it from the tooth surface.

Once the teeth are cleaned, the hygienist will carefully check for any signs of dental problems so these can be reported to the dentist for an examination. Before the patient leaves from their appointment, their teeth will be treated with a strong Fluoride treatment that helps to protect the strength of the enamel and prevent cavities from occurring.

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If it has been some time since your last dental cleaning, it is imperative you seek these services from Family Dentistry in Elizabeth NJ. To learn more about these and other dental services, Visit the website at . Call ChildSmilesFamilySmiles to schedule your appointment right away. With regular dental cleanings, your smile can stay healthy.