The Top Signs That Indicate You Will Need to Get New Dentures

A set of dentures will likely last 10 years. You may be able to make them last a few years longer with the proper care, but you will eventually need to get them replaced. There are several signs that indicate you need new dentures in Bloomingdale.

Chips And Cracks

If you notice any damage done to your dentures, then you will likely need to get them replaced. This includes things such as chips and cracks.

Your Dentures Keep Falling Out

A good pair of dentures will stay in place. That is why if your dentures are loose or always falling out, then you will need to get a new pair. You can use some extra denture adhesive, but you will still need to get a new pair of dentures.

Changes in the Way That the Dentures Fix

There are several things that can change the way that the dentures fit. The natural aging process can change the fit of your dentures. The loss of gum tissue and bone tissue can also cause a change in the way that the dentures fit.

Your Dentures Are Causing Discomfort

Your dentures should not cause you any discomfort if they fit properly. If you notice pain while you eat, then you should get your dentures replaced. You may also develop lesions on your gum if the dentures do not fit properly.

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