The Use of Dental Implants in Summit, NJ to Improve a Smile

by | Sep 3, 2019 | Dental

Having an attractive smile is something people wish for but aren’t always fortunate enough to possess. Several cosmetic procedures can help with discoloration, chipped teeth, or a crooked smile, but for missing teeth that can’t be covered by partial dentures, patients will need permanent dental Implants in Summit, NJ. These prosthetic teeth screw into a plate in the jaw and don’t need to be removed unless another dental problem arises, providing people with a full smile that doesn’t show any of the metal attachments.

Accurate Information is Critical to Success

Dental implants can only be put into place if there is ample bone available to attach the titanium plates too. Most of the time, an oral surgeon or dentist can tell by x-rays, but for some patients, it requires a CT scan to determine exactly how much bone is present. Once this scan is complete and has been evaluated, doctors can recommend the best course of action. Fortunately for patients in the Summit, NJ region, there is a clinic equipped with SimPlant technology that uses the CT scan to map out an exact surgical plan, so there are no anomalies or questionable areas that the oral surgeon has to unexpectedly work around during the implant procedure.

Breathe Easy Once Again

In addition to dental implants, another common maxillofacial issue that many people don’t realize an oral surgeon can treat is sleep apnea. This condition causes snoring and disrupted breathing during sleep, which becomes a serious health risk if left untreated. To combat this disorder, centers like Westfield Oral Surgery provide both surgical options as well as custom devices that are worn overnight as ways to open airways and ensure that patients breathe normally while they sleep. Patients who work with both an oral surgeon and a sleep center will be quickly diagnosed, so the correct treatment can be administered before further complications arise.

Look at all the Options

The question of cost always arises regardless of whether someone requires sleep apnea treatment or has decided to go with Implants in Summit, NJ. Patients who are concerned over the expense of such procedures should consult the surgical staff so an examination can be performed to determine exactly what procedures are necessary. At this time, the patient will also learn about the cost of treatment, what insurance will cover, and any financing options that may apply.