Things to Consider When Getting Dentures

Most dental issues affect the self-esteem of patients. Fortunately, there are various solutions available today. One of the best solutions if you want a quick fix or if you are on a budget for missing teeth is dentures. If you are getting dentures in Lakeview, you will find that they are quite affordable when compared to other options and getting them is painless.

Key Reasons for Tooth Loss     

People suffering from gingivitis or advanced periodontal disease experience inflamed gums among other major oral health issues. Do you know that gum disease causes almost 70% of tooth loss? Gum disease progresses slowly, and if you leave it unattended to, it leads to tooth loss. When a dentist realizes that you have gum disease, they will recommend deep cleanings and they will advise you on better oral health routines. Follow the advice given to avoid tooth loss. In some cases, gum disease leads to gaps and shifting of teeth. This leads to periodontal disease. If the condition is serious, you may need to extract the teeth. Once the teeth are extracted, you can get dentures to replace them. Advanced tooth decay is another condition that leads to the use of dentures.

Getting Dentures

Some teeth conditions and old age lead to the loss of all teeth. Each person reacts to this differently. Some do ok without their teeth, while others struggle to chew and swallow correctly. This can lead to malnutrition and a range of other health issues. Full-set and partial dentures are available depending on your needs. You can get an immediate denture the day your teeth are pulled, or you can opt to wait until your gums heal before having them made. If you get an immediate denture you will be able to chew and swallow as normal, but you may have to go in for several adjustments as gum swelling recedes and your gums heal. If you opt to wait you will not be able to eat everything you want until your denture is made, but it should fit correctly if it is made after the gums heal, so you should not have to deal with near as many adjustments. Visit us at for more details. Like us on our facebook page.