Things to Ask a Dentist in Mankato, MN Before and Following Surgery

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Dentist

Sometimes, people may feel that their cheek has been sewn to their gum. Is it possible? The incision made to remove wisdom teeth is partly done inside the cheek. It is, therefore, normal to find stitches at this level.

When the cheek is swollen, it may give the impression the cheek is sewn to the gum, but this is obviously not the case. What other things may a Dentist in Mankato MN hear from a patient following surgery?

Can people get an infection from stitches that have not fallen out after a couple of weeks?

No, probably not. For some unknown reason, sutures may take longer to fall out in some people. All sutures used at a dental clinic are absorbable and will eventually dissolve. If they persist beyond 10 days and are bothersome, the stitches can be removed by the Dentist in Mankato MN.

What can a person eat following oral surgery?

For the first two days, eat light meals consisting of soft foods like yogurt, Jell-O, soup, or other liquids. Starting two days later and when you feel able, gradually switch to a more normal diet. Avoid hot foods and drinking with a straw, as these things tend to promote bleeding.

Patients can eat cold foods like ice cream because they may help with pain. Healing will not be affected.

Can people return to normal activities following oral surgery?

It is recommended that people avoid physical effort during the first 24 hours. After that, there is no restriction unless the dentist provides other instructions. If there are no restrictions, you can return to a normal routine whenever you want.

Some people say that, when they rinse their mouth out with water and salt, it hurts or burns. Is this normal?

Sometimes. If you feel discomfort or pain when rinsing your mouth, it could mean that the salt concentration is too high. Mix a glass of water with a teaspoon of salt. If the pain persists, further decrease the amount used.

Do not forget to rinse your mouth after meals. The gums will gradually close and return to normal. For more details, contact Business Name today.