When a Tooth Injury Occurs, It Is Vital Individuals See the Local Dentist in California MD

When a Tooth Injury Occurs, It Is Vital Individuals See the Local Dentist in California MD

Tooth injuries can cause serious damage to the teeth, leaving behind pain and a weakened structure. It is imperative a person is treated when they have a tooth injury so they can avoid the loss of their tooth. Sometimes, this requires an immediate visit to the dentist but a person may be able to wait for treatment until the next available appointment if their injury is not severe. To ensure prompt treatment, it is wise for an injured person to seek treatment from the Local Dentist in California MD.

When a patient comes in with a tooth injury at the Local Dentist in California MD, the dentist first examines their tooth to determine what type of treatment will need to be done. To ensure the tooth will remain viable, the dentist will need to take X-rays. X-rays will reveal how far the injury runs into the tooth. Teeth that are injured in the root area will often need to be pulled because they will likely begin to experience necrosis.

If the tooth is damaged only in the crown area, the dentist will numb the tooth and begin working. Cracked teeth are repaired much like cavities. The dentist will simply smooth the damaged areas to make sure there are no rough edges. A composite filling material will then be used to seal the crack, helping to prevent further damage and ensuring the tooth remains looking as attractive as possible.

Breaks to the teeth are a little more difficult to repair because the dentist will need to first smooth down the broken edges and then fill the tooth. Because the broken piece cannot be reattached, the dentist will often have to cover the tooth with a crown to keep it protected and fully functioning as it should. A minor broken area may be able to be simply smoothed down without any filling or crown.

If you have a tooth injury that needs treatment, Visit us. The dentist will fully examine your tooth, take X-rays and determine the best form of treatment. Tooth repair treatment will allow you to protect the health of your smile and help to prevent tooth loss.