Wanting a New Smile? Consider Invisalign in Annapolis

Wanting a New Smile? Consider Invisalign in Annapolis

Orthodontics constantly reveals new inventions and innovations that are revolutionizing the dentistry field. Invisalign Annapolis is a system that works by creating customized gutters for each individual based on 3D computer technology. This system slowly corrects the patient’s teeth and offers the desired result in a period between nine and fifteen months. Invisalign is designed to supplement metal braces and rest assured, it is invisible. If a person is seriously contemplating this treatment option, they should first discover some advantages and disadvantages of this exceptional dental appliance.


First of all, Invisalign Annapolis is removable in contrast to the usual dental appliances available in orthodontics. Even if a dentist asks the patient to always wear them, the individual can remove them for meals or while brushing their teeth. In addition to being removable, it is very practical and no longer poses the problems associated with traditional appliances. They have you come in every few weeks to get a new set of aligners. This option is flattering and very comfortable because, unlike other dental appliances, it is seen as being totally transparent. Rest assured that complete satisfaction with perfectly aligned teeth is the goal.


Unfortunately, like any therapy, Invisalign has its disadvantages even though they may be considered minor. Thus, some people may feel uncomfortable using this treatment option. This includes some discomfort experienced at the beginning of therapy when wearing the aligners. Fortunately, this lack of comfort will pass very quickly and a little later, users will not even notice the presence of the device. Some customers complain about a break in the aligners due to them grinding their teeth. And the risk of damaging or breaking this dental appliance is increased by the constant removal of the aligners.

Despite these discomforts, dentists are there to ensure all conditions are met favorably. This will allow people to enjoy their new smile from day one. Invisalign aligners are equipped with a very durable plastic material. The last hiccup relating to this option is its cost. Compared to metal braces, Invisalign is much more expensive. In fact, in the USA, it costs anywhere between $3,500 and $9000 dollars to have this done. Visit Site for more details.