What Advantages Are Available With IV Sedation?

by | Feb 10, 2016 | Dentistry

Local dentists provide opportunities to help patients have a better experience during their visit. For some patients, dental visits promote anxiety and make them uncomfortable. For this reason, they avoid these visits altogether. With IV Sedation, these patients acquire the full benefit of dental visits without the fear.

Controlling Fear and Anxiety

Patients that experience high anxiety with the thought of visiting the dentist could receive an infusion of anesthesia. The process is safe and allows the patient to sleep during their visit. The dentist performs the necessary treatment while the patient is unconscious. They awaken and find the procedure is complete. For patients with severe anxiety, this is a great solution that helps them receive the dental care they need without the drawbacks.

Comfort During Surgical Procedures

Complex surgical procedures may require pull and tugging that could become uncomfortable for the patient. The dentist uses injections to numb the gums around teeth that require extractions. However, for patients with anxiety, these injections aren’t enough to prevent them from panicking. For this reason, the dentist should use sedation dentistry.

For surgeries such as wisdom teeth extractions or dental implant surgery, these patients should acquire an IV-based sedative. This allows the dentist to complete the procedure without difficulty. The patient won’t remember the surgery, and it will feel as though no time has passed.

Patients that receive injections during extractions won’t feel the pain. However, the pressure is excessive during some procedures. It could make their experience uncomfortable.

Pain-Free Extractions and Dental Repairs

Under anesthesia, the patient has a pain-free experience. The dentist performs necessary dental services without causing any pain or discomfort. After the dentist evaluates the tooth and identifies the right treatment, they administer the anesthesia and start the treatment. Under sedation, the patient is less likely to move and the dentist completes the procedure at a quicker rate.

Dentists provide additional measures to prevent patients from feeling uncomfortable during visits. This includes opportunities for patients who cannot visit the dentist due to severe anxiety and fear. To accommodate their needs, the dentist provides IV Sedation to help them relax. Patients who wish to acquire this opportunity should visit  for more information.