Advantages of Receiving Dental Implants in Salem OR

For many specialists, the appearance of dental implants has profoundly changed the field of dental surgery. Dental implants in Salem OR bring a solution of care to patients to which a long-term solution was not available, that is, until now. This article will explain all the advantages of dental implants so that folks better understand why this technique allows people to obtain comfort and aesthetics.

Preservation of bone

Dental implants are designed to replace one or several teeth. It, therefore, is an alternative to dentures or bridges, which are both still regularly used. These two techniques have the main disadvantage of not reproducing jaw loss.

The bridge comes to rest on the healthy teeth that are placed next to the empty tooth space. Dentists may have to “prune” down adjoining teeth, so keep that in mind. Dentures rest on the jaw bone and on the palate, but they do not reproduce the mechanical stresses that teeth cause.

This lack of constraint presents a major disadvantage since it will cause the jaw bone to deteriorate, which will gradually totally disappear and cause major problems. This bone deterioration can even cause a deformity of the face. On the contrary, dental implants in Salem OR reproduce the root of a real tooth which will serve as an anchor point for a prosthesis.

This root reproduces all the mechanical constraints of a real tooth, which will make it possible to maintain and ensure the durability of the bone. This is what makes implantation so important.

Long lifespan

Preserving bone capital also has a direct influence on the lifetime of the “prosthesis” used to replace the lost tooth. Indeed, as stated above, when using a bridge or a denture, the jaw bone will gradually disappear. However, this bone loss will require the patient to have the prosthesis regularly reworked and reworked to adapt to this evolution.

A dental implant does not require any adaptation over time. It is laid and works like a real tooth and most of the implants that were laid twenty years ago are still in place today.