All about teeth whitening

All about teeth whitening

Regardless of how well you look after your teeth, time takes its toll. Beverages such as red wine, certain foods and most certainly cigarette smoking stains and discolors your teeth. Teeth whitening are by far the most common and the most popular cosmetic dental procedure; it can quickly and painlessly improve the looks of your teeth and make you more confident while smiling and is a procedure available from your dentist in Waimea. Although the procedure does last for some time, to keep the teeth bright and sparkling it is something that will have to be repeated periodically.

What is the purpose?

A tooth is made from different layers, the outermost layer is the enamel; below it is the dentin. The color of natural teeth is the result of the way light scatters off the enamel surface and the color of the underlying dentin. The surface finish and thickness of the enamel on your teeth is genetic; if the enamel on your teeth is quite thin, then the dentin color can show through easier. The surface finish of the tooth enamel also has an effect on the color of the teeth.

A very thin coating of a material called “pellicle” forms on the tooth surface, this happens day in and day out; this material is like a magnet and picks up stains. Not only that, tooth enamel is porous and stains can go through to the dentin.

The most effective way to whiten and brighten teeth which are stained is teeth whitening.


Not everyone can benefit from tooth whitening. If you have porcelain crowns or veneer’s it will not work, if you have receding gums and the tooth roots show, teeth whitening will not work. Before the procedure, your dentist in Waimea will make sure that any decay is taken care of, and you are a good candidate.

The first thing that most dentists do is photograph the teeth as they are; this helps the dentist monitor the progress. The next thing is a thorough cleaning which removes any food, bacteria, tartar or plaque; all of which contribute to staining. Once the dentist is happy that your teeth are as clean as possible then and only then does he or she begin the whitening process.

Although there are a number of ways to whiten teeth the most common is to take an impression of the teeth which is used to produce a tray. On the next visit, the dentist will fit the tray properly and provide you with the whitening solution that you can use at home for a couple of weeks. The results are quite significant, click here and you can see the difference.

When you notice that your teeth are dull, stained and discolored your dentist in Waimea can work miracles. Teeth whitening is a simple, straight forward process that results in brighter, whiter teeth. Make an appointment today with Business Name.