What Services are Provided With Preventive Dentistry in Keizer OR?

by | Mar 4, 2016 | Dentist

Although there are many types of dentistry services a person has available to them, preventative dentistry is the most important. Those who want to protect the health of their smile should seek Preventive Dentistry in Keizer OR. Regular dental appointments can help to keep a person’s smile free of gum disease and cavities. Since both of these can cause tooth loss, it is important they are avoided. Ideally, one should plan on seeing their dentist at least once a year to keep their smile healthy.

When someone sees their dentist for preventative dentistry care, they first have their teeth cleaned. Teeth cleanings are crucial even if a person brushes and flosses their teeth as often as recommended. Even consistent brushing practices can leave behind food particles that can lead to plaque and tartar formation. These substances are the direct cause of cavities in the teeth and need to be removed for good oral health. A deep cleaning treatment can ensure the teeth are free of any substances that would cause them harm.

Once a year, the dentist will take X-rays of a patient’s teeth and jaws to make sure there are no hidden issues that could be causing problems. X-ray films are crucial in diagnosing cavities in their earliest stages. The dentist can often find cavities before they even cause a single symptom for a patient. The sooner cavities are found, the less likely major tooth damage will occur.

With a thorough examination and the X-rays, the dentist can find any oral health issues that are present so they can be taken care of before they begin to negatively affect the health of the person’s smile. Past examinations and X-ray films are compared to the current ones so the dentist can monitor any changes in health or formation.

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