Benefits of Dental Fillings Mississauga

Most individuals develop a cavity at some point in their lives. While brushing and flossing twice daily can help to greatly reduce the chance of cavities, even some people who practice perfect hygiene will get a cavity. When you do have a cavity, it’s important to have it repaired. This is where fillings come in. Fillings are used to fill the hole in your tooth after the cavity is drilled and treated. The filling seals the hole in your tooth and helps your tooth to remain strong and healthy.


Dental fillings are a simple and easy procedure. You can have your tooth, or teeth, back to normal in no time with the help of a dental professional for dental fillings Mississauga. Also, the rest of your teeth will remain unaffected and healthy. This is the best way to stop cavities and support healthy teeth.

Natural Appearance

While there are metal fillings that tend to be more silver than your natural teeth, there are also tooth colored fillings that look just like your natural teeth! This will help to restore your teeth and your smile, giving you the confidence you need to feel in yourself. Everyone should love their smile.

Long Lasting

You want your teeth to last a long time. So, to help support your teeth after cavities is where fillings come into play. Tooth colored dental fillings usually last five to seven years, and silver filings last twelve years or more. This is excellent for providing long-lasting support for your teeth.


Fillings are usually covered by most dental insurance plans. This is great for those who need fillings to help support their dental health. Even without insurance, fillings tend to be relatively affordable on their own when you find the right dentist.