What Can You Expect From the Whitening System Service in Grand Prairie TX?

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Dentist

When a person’s teeth are as white as possible, their smile looks incredibly beautiful and seems to light up their entire face. As the teeth age and are exposed to foods and beverages, they begin to become stained and can start to look yellow and discolored. This makes a person’s smile look less attractive and can cause them to feel self-conscious about their appearance. Tooth stains can be overcome with the Whitening System Service in Grand Prairie TX.

Staining can occur even when a person is careful to brush their teeth twice a day. The more a person ages, their teeth become more porous and staining can become more pronounced. When a patient goes in for Whitening System Service in Grand Prairie TX, they will first go through a dental cleaning to make sure their teeth are fully prepared to accept the hydrogen peroxide gel. If the teeth are covered in plaque and tartar, the penetration of the gel will be impeded.

The gel is applied to the teeth after special protection has been placed on the gum tissue to prevent irritation. The bleaching treatment will typically last around forty-five minutes and a special light will be used to improve the whitening ability of the gel. While some patients are able to get the results they want after one treatment, some will need more than one to ensure their deep level of staining is overcome.

The results a person receives from their treatment will depend on their level of staining and their natural tooth color. Once a patient has reached their desired level of whiteness, the results can last up to two years or longer with proper oral care and maintenance. At-home protocols can help to keep the teeth white between treatments.

If you are tired of having a lackluster smile, now is your chance to have your teeth whitened at the dentist. For further information on these treatments, visit Website. They will be happy to schedule your consultation appointment if you call today. With teeth whitening, you can overcome your stains for a more beautiful smile. Call today so you can get started.