Correcting A Damaged Tooth Through Endodontic Surgery In Austin, TX

Correcting A Damaged Tooth Through Endodontic Surgery In Austin, TX

In Texas, dentists provide invaluable procedures to correct damage and discomfort. These procedures are used to provide additional security for teeth that have been damaged severely. Local dentists provide Endodontic Surgery in Austin TX for these reasons.

Evaluating the Damaged Tooth and the Patient’s Pain

The first step for the dentist is to determine the severity level of the damage and the patient’s pain. These factors determine if the tooth is viable and if the surgery will repair it adequately. Any tooth that is too far gone isn’t viable for a root canal. The dentist provides antibiotics to address any infections that have developed. Next, they extract the tooth to eliminate the patient’s pain and discomfort.

Why is a Root Canal Performed?

The root canal surgery is performed to protect a damaged tooth. It also provides a clear solution for nerve pain. A tooth that is damaged and has an exposed nerve increases the patient’s pain. The dentist must address these concerns through the root canal surgery to save the tooth and end the patient’s pain.

What to Expect During the Procedure

The dentist drills a hole into the tooth. They cut out the tooth pulp and the nerve. Next, the dentist cleans out the tooth completely. This eliminates any decay that has developed on the tooth and bacteria that has entered the interior of the tooth. The dentist injects a filling into the tooth and seals it with a composite resin. They may install a crown over the tooth to increase protection. If this is necessary, the dentist may reshape the tooth.

Are There Risks Associated with the Procedure?

Infection is the most common risk associated with the procedure. However, the tooth could become damaged again based on any weakness created. If bacteria enters the tooth, it may need to be extracted later.

In Texas, dentists perform a variety of surgeries to correct tooth damage. A root canal is among these procedures. It allows the dentist to prevent further damage to teeth that are damaged already. Patients who need Endodontic Surgery in Austin TX should contact Stevan A Koprivnik DDS PC for an appointment.