Dentist in Victorville for the Dental needs of Young Family Members

Dentist in Victorville for the Dental needs of Young Family Members

Family dental clinics is where to go to begin professional oral care as a child, and continue that care under one roof for life. Good oral care begins before the first teeth start growing in as an infant. Parents can set a good example for children by practicing sweeping oral hygiene care at home. It all begins in the infant stage of life. The gums should be cleaned with a soft cloth or gauze pad for infants to remove residue from milk and baby food. Most parts of a baby’s skeletal system grows in the womb. This means primary teeth start forming under the gums before birth. A mother’s nutritional intake during pregnancy impacts a baby’s oral health. A good supply of vitamins and minerals in the gestational period promotes healthy teeth in infants. It’s not too soon to transition from bottles to cups between 4 and 6 months of age. Babies who drink from bottles beyond the recommended age can develop problems at the roof of the mouth. Extended bottle feeding raises the chance of decay as well.

A child’s mouth grows and changes rapidly. A Dentist in Victorville will discuss fluoride treatment and the individual needs of each child with parents. Kids who need additional fluoride treatment are provided with gels and supplements. The amount of fluoride a child should have is very specific. Fluoride is key to strong tooth enamel, but too much can be toxic. A Dentist in Victorville gives information regarding how much and how often the teeth should be treated with fluoride.

Children old enough to brush their own teeth should be encouraged to brush for two minutes twice a day. Having good oral hygiene habits from the start means a lifetime of fine oral health. Teens in sports should wear mouth guards to protect from accidental oral injuries. Mouth guards prevent teeth from colliding in the mouth on impact. Foods high in starch break down tooth enamel quicker and more easily, so starch intake should be moderated. Gingivitis is the earliest stage of gum disease that can happen in children and adults. If a dentist at West Covina Family Dentistry sees gingivitis, the proper course of action is taken to prevent it from getting worse. There are lifestyle factors and conditions that increase the risk of gingivitis. Patients should follow the recommended health care regimen of their dentist to prevent disease and optimize oral health.

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