What To Expect From Emergency Dental Service In Arlington

by | Jun 2, 2016 | Dentists & Clinics

In Virginia, dental professionals address a variety of emergency dental requirements. These requirements could be based on the results of a sudden accident or injury. Emergency Dental Service in Alexandria VA provides the patient with these opportunities.

Managing a Dislodged Tooth

If the patient has a dislodged tooth, immediate action is needed. The patient must locate the tooth and clean it gently. They should make sure they remove the dirt and debris only. They should never remove the gum tissue from the tooth. They should place the tooth into a container of milk and call the dentist immediately. The patient has a limited window of time in which to restore the tooth in the tooth socket.

Correcting Breaks and Chips

Dental bonding and veneers are used most often to correct breaks and chips. The process requires the dentist to eliminate any decay that has formed on the tooth. They must sand away jagged edges. They apply the composite resin or veneer onto the tooth. They reshape the tooth to achieve the appropriate dimensions. The dentist uses an ultraviolet light to bond the installation to the tooth. This makes the tooth stronger and secures the installation more effectively.

Replacing a Crown

A lost crown could lead to severe pain. These devices are used most often to correct a damaged tooth. If the crown is lost, the patient will need a new crown. If they cannot find the crown, the dentist will need to fabricate a new crown based on the mold acquired previously. The dentist repairs any additional damage to the natural tooth. Next, they install the new crown with an abutment and professional-grade adhesive.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Impacted wisdom teeth could produce severe pain. They could also lead to an infection. A dentist may provide emergency services to eliminate the infection and remove the tooth.

In Virginia, dental professionals provide after-hours service for emergencies. These emergencies often involve pain due to damage or unexpected conditions. The dentist can restore the tooth and eliminate pain quickly. Patients who have sustained damage and need Emergency Dental Services St. Albert should contact their preferred dentist or click here for more info today.

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