Why is Family Dentistry in Elizabeth NJ So Important to a Child’s Oral Health?

by | Mar 8, 2018 | Dentist

Dentophobia, or odontophobia, is an exaggerated state of panic during which a person will try everything they can to avoid seeing a dentist. This phobia can indirectly alter a person’s state of health so much that he or she will visit a dentist only as a last resort. While Family Dentistry in Elizabeth NJ has made great strides, resulting in significant changes when compared to earlier forms of dental care, dental phobia remains deeply rooted in each person’s subconscious.

Reasons to explain dentophobia

There are some reasons that may explain this phobia. For instance, the person may have had:

  *     Traumatic experiences during their childhood or consultations

  *     A certain amount of dental pain that traumatized them

  *     A dentist or dental clinic that provided a cold and insensitive attitude during care

If some people can explain their phobia to the dentist, know that others may not be able to. Faced with the existence of such apprehensions and to prevent each child from developing this type of irrational fear, it is essential to prepare the child before they visit their local Family Dentistry in Elizabeth NJ.

Do’s and Don’ts for a child seeing their dentist

Each child must feel confident when visiting a clinic like ChildSmilesFamilySmiles. He or she must understand that the pediatric dentist is a health professional who can help them avoid problems that may affect his or her oral cavity. The latter will make sure that the child does not have to feel oral pain.

To gain a child’s trust, it is essential to make them understand that a pediatric dentist is a good person who will do the child no harm. Thus, parents and professionals must avoid scaring a child when it comes to dental treatments. Depending on the child, parents can choose to go into detail or not.

So, with children who have a very curious nature (which is most), parents can ask their child if they know what a dental visit entails. For this purpose, parents can play a role-playing game and simulate a consultation by asking the child to open his or her mouth and pretending to inspect it. Parents can even reverse the roles later on. Browse the website for more information.

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