On the Grind: Preventing Damage with a Dentist in Katy

When we sleep, we often wake up with a feeling of peacefulness. We are well-rested, and perhaps even just woke up from a pleasant dream. What we might not know, though, is if we grind our teeth at night. Grinding teeth can eventually lead to tooth damage, or worse. If you have suspicions of you grinding your teeth, or have been told so by a family member, consider visiting a dentist for preventatives before it gets out of hand.

Night Guards

A dentist in Katy might be able to help you with your tooth grinding problem by prescribing a night guard. Night guards are durable, custom-fitted mouthpieces for individuals who grind their teeth. The custom fit provides a barrier to prevent tooth damage, and allows for proper breathing to occur. These are similar to the mouthguards worn by sports players, and operate the same way to protect your teeth. These guards last up to ten years.

Grinding your teeth can wear them down, cause jaw pain, and even irritate your gums. Furthermore, grinding teeth can wear away your enamel, making you ultra-sensitive to hot and cold. Other preventative methods can also be used to prevent grinding your teeth, which may help if wearing a night guard long-term is something you aren’t interested in. One preventative measure is to stop chewing on gum and drinking caffeine at bedtime.

What is TMD?

TMD, or Temporomandibular Disorder, is a disorder that can be caused by teeth grinding, stress, and clenching of the jaw. TMD can cause pain, headaches, trouble with chewing, and can even cause the jaw to get stuck in an open or shut position.

Seeing your dentist and discussing potential issues with TMD can help you get the right treatment. Pain relievers and compresses can help with the problem temporarily, but many dentists would suggest getting fitted for a night guard to prevent grinding your teeth which can make your case of TMD worse. If you struggle with grinding your teeth, contact a dentist with Gentle Dental Care to take proactive steps against the problems.