Getting A Child Ready For Dental Care in Kaneohe

by | Jan 2, 2017 | Dentistry

When a child becomes of toddler age, it is best to take them to a facility that deals with Dental Care in Kaneohe so they can have a complete evaluation of their teeth. A child that has never seen a dentist in the past may be a bit fearful when it becomes time for their checkup. Here are some steps their caretaker can take to get them ready for their appointment in advance so it is less scary for them.

Talk About The Teeth And The Importance In Their Care

It is a good idea to discuss why the teeth should be cleaned and checked by a dentist. This can be done when the child brushes their teeth at home. Talking about people who do not take care of their teeth, and what can happen to the teeth if they are not cleaned properly, will most likely entice the child to do a good job in caring for their own. Read books about teeth to help prepare them for their appointment.

Visit A Dental Facility Before The Real Appointment

Bringing a child to meet a dentist before their appointment may be a good idea to help familiarize the child with the establishment and those who work there. The child can take a tour of a dental facility so they can see a chair they will be sitting in as well as the equipment that will be used to do a checkup.

Bring The Child To Another Person’s Appointment

The child can sit in on another person’s appointment so they can see exactly what will be done when it is their own turn. Alert the dental office that the child will be attending so they can set up another chair nearby. Encourage the child to ask the dentist questions if desired.

When a child needs dental care in Kaneohe, it is best to find a facility known for their dedication in making appointments fun and relaxing. A call can then be made to set up an appointment for a cleaning or a tour.

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