Going To A Practice Doing Pediatric Dentistry In Tuckerton NJ

Going To A Practice Doing Pediatric Dentistry In Tuckerton NJ

Teaching a child about taking care of the teeth is a task that can be started at home. It is important that youngsters learn the right fundamentals to practice good oral hygiene from an early age, so they continue these habits as they grow. Here are a few activities one can take at home to help prepare a child for Pediatric Dentistry in Tuckerton NJ.

To help teach a young child how to brush their teeth, have them cut out photos from magazines of people smiling. These can be placed inside plastic sheet protectors. Use a dry erase marker to make black spots on their teeth. A small dry eraser can be the glue to a pencil to construct a “toothbrush”. Have the child brush away the dirt from all the smiles.

Teaching a child to brush is best done by example. The child can watch an adult brush their teeth and be encouraged to do the same. Make it into a fun game by using a timer to ensure the brushing is done the entire time it is running. Another way to have fun when brushing is to do the procedure throughout an entire song.

Children can learn how to floss by making a model of teeth from an egg carton. Instruct, the child paint the carton white. Cut out a strip of bumps from the carton and use pieces of clay to insert between the bumps. This will depict pieces of food stuck between teeth. The child can then use a piece of yarn to dislodge the clay from the crevices.

Another brushing activity can be done with hard-boiled eggs. Place the eggs inside cups of coffee or tea so they become stained. Have the child brush away the stains using a toothbrush and toothpaste. They will realize this process will work on their own teeth as well.

Taking a child to a facility doing Pediatric Dentistry in Tuckerton NJ is necessary for the health of their teeth. When someone is looking for a new practice, they can call the office of Little Egg Dental to make an appointment if desired.