What Are The Services That Are Accessible Through A Childrens Dentist In Redding?

by | Jun 17, 2016 | Dentist

In California, parents need clear dental solutions for their children. These solutions encourage proper oral care and hygiene. They also offer opportunities to correct and restore teeth when necessary. A Childrens Dentist Redding provides these clear solutions for parents today.

Evaluating the Teeth and Gums Each Year

Each child receives an annual checkup. The dentist inspects each tooth and evaluates their gums. They acquire x-rays to review the development of adult teeth. All children with clear checkups receives rewards to encourage excellent oral hygiene efforts. The dentist also explains how to brush and floss properly. This provides them with the building blocks of great overall oral care.

Two Cleanings Each Year

The children receive two cleanings each year. This process is performed by a dental hygienist. They use specialized tools to scrap away debris and particles left behind after brushing and flossing. This reduces the onset of cavities and other damage. It also reduces the potential for infections as all bacteria is removed from the teeth and gums properly.

Repairs and Restoration for Damage

Dentists also provide restorative measures for children. These measures include fillings, crowns, and dental bonding. These measures close in cavities and breakage. This prevents the tooth from becoming more damaged before it becomes loosened naturally. This could reduce the probability of damage to adult teeth.

The dentist drills away damage and decay from the tooth. Next, they choose the appropriate fix to close the tooth. Crowns and dental bonding are often used to reinforce the tooth. This allows the child to maintain function of the tooth without discomfort.

When Your Child Needs Brace

Braces are provided for teens who have alignment issues. The type of braces chosen depends on the severity of the alignment issue. Metal or ceramic braces are provided most often for severe alignment problems. Invisalign is available to children with moderate issues.

In California, parents have access to dental services for their children. These services allow them to maintain control over their child’s oral care. This reduces the potential for tooth loss and gum disease. Parents who wish to schedule an appointment with a Childrens Dentist Redding should contact Moore & Pascarella Dental Group today.

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