What to Know About Teeth Cleaning in Salisbury NC

Having healthy tooth structure is key to maintaining overall positive health. It’s also beneficial to keep a white, bright smile attractive to others. To keep teeth as healthy and sparking as possible, it’s necessary to have them cleaned. The following details will explain Teeth Cleaning in Salisbury NC. It will also help dental patients learn about the advantages of this dental service.

The Benefits of Teeth Cleaning

Numerous advantages accompany Teeth Cleaning in Salisbury NC. This dental treatment assists in fighting the development of cavities. These decayed areas of teeth can cause significant damage and even tooth disintegration. Getting rid of plaque through regular cleaning of teeth can increase the chance of having enhanced dental health. Also, teeth cleanings can prevent tooth loss by stopping the development of gun disease, a major cause of tooth loss. Cleaning teeth can rid a patient’s mouth of stains and splotches to brighten a smile. Also, teeth cleaning is a primary way to freshen breath by ridding teeth of bacteria.

The Basics of Teeth Cleaning

It’s recommended for dental patients to receive teeth cleaning treatments twice a year. Most dental insurance policies cover these treatments. This procedure is performed by a dental hygienist or dentist. A tooth cleaning session typically starts with a physical assessment of a patient’s mouth using a small mirror to check teeth and gums. Next, a scaler is used to remove tartar and plaque build-up. After removing visible, hardened plaque, a dental expert uses an electric toothbrush to cleanse teeth with a specialized toothpaste. This is followed by detailed flossing and rinsed to further remove unwanted deposits from teeth. Most dental practices also apply a fluoride gel to further safeguard against cavities. Dental education is often given so patients can continue positive dental care at home.

By having a basic knowledge of teeth cleaning treatments and how this dental care is beneficial, dental patients have a better chance of keeping teeth healthy. It also assists in boosting self-confidence through a pleasant smile that puts forth a good impression. For information on dental services, please Browse our website. Robert S. Ogden DDS PA offers cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, dentures, root canals, and porcelain veneers.