Pediatric Dentistry In Murfreesboro TN Will Start Your Child Off On The Right Foot

Pediatric Dentistry In Murfreesboro TN Will Start Your Child Off On The Right Foot

If your child is one year of age or older, they should be seen by an experienced pediatric dentist. A pediatric dentist is well trained in working with children and identifying potential problems with their tooth development. In addition to tooth development, Pediatric Dentistry in Murfreesboro TN will teach a child how to best care for their teeth and reduces the chance of disease or decay developing.

By the time, a child is a year of age; several teeth have usually erupted through their gums. These teeth need to be cleaned on a regular basis, and the child’s bottle should be removed. A child should never be put to bed with a bottle, and sugary drinks should be given at a minimum.

Tooth Development

As the adult teeth enter a child’s mouth, the adult teeth might push on the roots of the baby teeth and cause an infection. This is a very painful situation for a child, and a large lump of infection will develop. A parent should seek Pediatric Dentistry in Murfreesboro TN as quickly as possible to eliminate the pain and reduce the chance of damage to the new tooth.


Common problem children have is a lack of space for all of the adult teeth to enter their mouth. With early intervention and the use of spacers, the dentist can guide the tooth into the correct position. This could eliminate the need for the child to need braces in the future.


Once a molar arrives, a sealant should be applied. The sealant will not change the color of the tooth. Sealants are a thin layer of protective coating and help to reduce the chances of the enamel being affected by sugar, acid, and other things that cause decay in the teeth.

Gum Disease

Gum disease can develop as early as the teenage years. This disease can cause tooth loss if left untreated. A pediatric dentist can create a plan of treatment to reduce the number of bacteria and a chance for tooth loss.

Your child’s mouth will go through many changes as they grow that require the help of a pediatric dentist. The pediatric dentist is trained specifically to treat and identify problems a child might have. For more information, please feel free to visit website.