Reasons to Have Dental Implants in Effingham IL Placed

Reasons to Have Dental Implants in Effingham IL Placed

Dental Implants Effingham IL is one of the most modern dental prosthesis ever designed. This treatment option is used after the loss of one or more teeth. These “artificial” tooth roots are anchored directly in the edentulous (areas that are missing teeth) sections of the jawbone.

Here are a few things to remember when deciding on whether implants are right for you.

What are dental implants?

Losing one or more natural teeth can be a fantastic reason to get Dental Implants Effingham IL. The tooth and its tooth root are completely replaced by the implant. Dental implants consist of three parts:

  *    Implant body

  *    Implant neck

  *    The crown (in technical language, also called the implant “superstructure”)

Depending on the type of crown used, a distinction between fixed and removable dental implants must be made. For the most part, dental implants are made of materials such as those used in hip or knee prostheses (titanium or titanium alloys). Since dental implants are anchored directly in the jawbone and grow in after three to eight months (osseointegration), dentists also refer to them as “endosseous” implants (structure placed into the bone to restore function).

The patient’s immune system should successfully react to the foreign body because the biocompatible materials used are not recognized by the body as “foreign”.


Increasingly, mini-implants are used because of their effectiveness. This option has a diameter of only about 2.5 millimeters and is, thus, smaller than conventional dental implants. This makes insertion easier and more comfortable for the patient.

The mucous membranes, usually, stay intact and will not have to be cut open during the procedure. The wound in the bone is smaller than in conventional implants. Swelling and severe pain are, therefore, less in this minimally invasive treatment.

Treatment time

There is a shorter treatment time for mini-implants, which is also reflected in the price. Dentists use them when replacing small teeth because the larger, conventional dental implants often cannot be used because there is a lack of space. The disadvantage is that because of the smaller diameter, special titanium alloys must be used in the mini-implants.

Patients may respond to these alloys with allergic reactions. Contact The Center For Jaw and Facial Surgery P.C. for more details.