Why Everyone In Downtown Chicago Wants Dental Implants

Why Everyone In Downtown Chicago Wants Dental Implants

If you have a missing tooth (or multiple teeth that are gone), you probably wish that you could get them restored. While many people have dentures, partial or otherwise, you have probably seen some older family members that can’t keep them in their mouth or have a sunken appearance at night when they’re out of the mouth. If you’re hoping for something better in Downtown Chicago, dental implants could be the answer you seek.

Look/Act Like Real Teeth

One of the most significant benefits of dental implants in Downtown Chicago is that they are designed to look like a real tooth. Whether you have multiple teeth that are missing or just one, that hole can be replaced with a titanium post so that a crown can be put over it. The crown is what looks like natural teeth, ensuring that you can smile and feel good about yourself.

Fix Gaps/Smile

Many people initially take a tooth extraction over a root canal because they think it will be easier and less painful, especially if the affected tooth is in the back. However, they soon realize that even the back-most tooth can be seen when they laugh or smile widely, which means people can see those gaps.

Increase Confidence/Self-Esteem

If you find that an extraction wasn’t the best option and now you’re stuck with a gap between your teeth, you may find yourself hiding your face when you smile or just not smiling. It can be a real confidence crusher when you don’t feel that you can laugh along with your friends and family members, but an implant can restore the smile and remove that gap so that you feel better about yourself.

Dental implants in Downtown Chicago can be used to restore your smile and prevent gaps associated with tooth loss or extraction. Visit South Loop Dental Specialists for more information today. Follow us on twitter.