The Cosmetic Dentist in Toms River, NJ Wants to Improve Your Smile

Some individuals are embarrassed to show their teeth and go through life trying to hide their smiles. There are myriad cosmetic concerns that can mar a person’s smile and cause it to look less attractive than they would like. When issues arise, it is time to consult the Cosmetic Dentist in Toms River NJ. A cosmetic dentist can fully examine a person’s smile and help them determine what treatment options will be most beneficial to give them the results they want.

These are the most popular cosmetic dental treatments for smile transformations.

  *     Teeth whitening treatments can make a big difference in how a person perceives their smile’s appearance. When the teeth are badly stained, it can cause a person to feel embarrassed and can make even minor cosmetic concerns more noticeable. Dentists can now whiten patients’ teeth up to ten shades whiter so their smiles look more beautiful.

  *     There is also the option of veneers. The Cosmetic Dentist in Toms River NJ can offer veneers to patients who have permanently stained or damaged teeth. Veneers can change the width, length, and shape of the teeth, vastly improving a person’s smile. Veneers will generally last up to twenty years if properly maintained.

  *     The issue of missing teeth can often present several problems. When teeth are missing, the issue not only makes a person’s smile look less attractive but also causes problems with normal chewing. Implants can be used to permanently replace missing teeth anywhere in a person’s smile.

  *     Bonding can be used much like veneers by covering unsightly teeth. This process can also be used to repair teeth that have minor damage. Bonding is carried out with a resin material that is applied in thin layers and then carefully shaped and polished.

There are many cosmetic dental options available for those who are unhappy with the appearance of their smiles. The first step is scheduling a consultation appointment to learn which treatments will be most beneficial for your needs. If you would like to get started on the transformation of your smile, contact Atlantic Dental so you can schedule a consultation appointment.