Tips for a Beautiful Smile From Your Local Family Dental Practice in Fargo ND

Tips for a Beautiful Smile From Your Local Family Dental Practice in Fargo ND

If a person could choose the way they whiten their teeth, they would probably opt for a whitening toothpaste. Unfortunately, the color of a person’s teeth is largely predefined genetically and darkens spontaneously over the years. But, by following these simple tips from your local Family Dental Practice in Fargo ND, you’ll get closer to the perfect smile you have always wanted.

Consume colored drinks and food in moderation

Dyes in colored drinks can yellow a person’s teeth. So, it is best to consume coffee, tea, red wine and soft drinks in moderation. Want to indulge yourself with a glass of wine or a coffee? Remember to then drink a glass of water to limit the risk of staining.
The same logic applies to food. Eat more chicken, rice, and fish and eat not too much of the pigmented food like beets, lingonberries, and carrots.

Go for vegetables, fruits, and dairy products

An exception to the rule above is strawberries. Malic acid from strawberries helps remove stains from the teeth and makes them whiter. Crunchy fruits like sour apples scrub a person’s teeth and prevent them from yellowing.

Do not have a toothbrush on hand at work? Eat an apple. Thanks to their disinfecting action, fresh herbs like sage and basil also help to keep teeth white.

Dairy products contain calcium that strengthens tooth enamel and helps keep teeth white. Ask your Family Dental Practice in Fargo ND what other tips are available.


The third important issue that causes a change in the color of teeth is taking certain medications, especially during childhood. Before the age of eight, tetracycline will cause, for example, an irreversible tooth color change. This antibiotic is used to treat a variety of bacterial infections. It is mainly in children, whose dentition is not yet fully developed, that this drug causes an irreversible color change.

Excessive use of fluoride can also cause a color change in the dentition. This phenomenon is called fluorosis. Fluoride is used to strengthen the teeth and avoid cavities.

It is, therefore, commonly used in mouthwashes and toothpastes. The impact of fluorosis is similar to that of tetracycline and is irreversible if used before the age of eight. This change in color causes the appearance of dull white and brown spots on the dentition. Visit us website for more details.