What Services Are Performed By An Oral Surgeon In Mount Vernon, IL?

What Services Are Performed By An Oral Surgeon In Mount Vernon, IL?

In Illinois, oral surgery corrects a multitude of issues affecting dental patients. These surgeries are conducted under anesthesia to eliminate any discomfort for the patient. The surgeon provides patients with antibiotics to lessen the probability of an infection and painkillers to provide pain management after the procedure. The following are the services provided by an Oral Surgeon in Mount Vernon IL.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

A wisdom tooth is extracted surgically to eliminate the tooth and root completely. The circumstances that require the surgery include impacted or infected wisdom teeth. If the patient develops an abscess, they are at a higher risk as this is a life-threatening condition. The surgeon will cut the tooth out of the gums to ensure that it doesn’t cause damage to surrounding teeth. The patient must follow specific after-care instructions to reduce the potential for a dry socket as these conditions are seriously painful.

Root Canal Surgery

A root canal surgery is a last effort to save a damaged tooth. The surgeon will drill the tooth open and remove the nerve and the tooth pulp. The tooth is injected with a composite resin and sealed completely. The surgeon may install a crown over the tooth to protect it from additional damage.

Installing Dental Implants

Dental implants are complete replacements for damaged teeth. The surgeon begins by completing bone grafts to strengthen the jawbone. Next, they install a titanium root into the tooth socket directly. The root is secured into the jawbone. Finally, they install the implant crown onto the root and connect it with an abutment.

Replacing or Installing a Crown

Crowns are created from a mold of the natural teeth. The natural teeth are cut to create a cone shape. The crown is fitted over the tooth entirely. It is secured with an abutment and strong adhesive.

In Illinois, oral surgery is conducted to correct a variety of concerns that could become life-threatening for the patient. The surgeon sedates patients before the procedure to keep them comfortable and control anxiety levels. Patients who need the services of an Oral Surgeon in Mount Vernon IL Browse the Site for appointment information today.