Why Do Dental Fillings in Exton, PA Need to Be Replaced?

by | Jan 16, 2018 | Dentistry

A person goes to the dentist expecting a routine checkup. He or she then learns one or more Dental Fillings in Exton PA are needed. This is distressing enough, but imagine coming back a few years later and discovering these fillings need to be replaced. Why is this the case? Shouldn’t fillings last a lifetime much as the natural teeth do? Sadly, this isn’t the case, and there are a number of reasons why a filling will need to be replaced with time. Following are some of the most common.

Additional Decay

A filling only takes the place of any decay at the time it is placed. However, a tooth may experience additional decay over time, and this leads to the need for the filling to be replaced. A larger filling must be placed in the tooth, or a crown may be needed at this time. The dentist examines the tooth to see which treatment method is best. Patients often assume because they have a filling they no longer need to worry about that tooth. However, any pain, discomfort or inflammation in and around the tooth should be assessed immediately to determine the reason why the problems are appearing.

Normal Activities

The teeth chew and grind food, and this can lead to a filling breaking down over time. Furthermore, some people clench their teeth (often not realizing they are doing so) and this may lead to chips, fractures and other problems with a filling. Finally, a filling may come loose with time and fall out. When this is the case, the person should see their dentist immediately to have it replaced.

Visit website to learn more about Dental Fillings in Exton PA, when they may need to be replaced and why. When a patient understands the purpose of this restorative work, he or she feels more confident having the work done. Contact the office today to set up an appointment also, as replacing fillings in a timely manner helps to ensure additional problems do not develop. Nobody wants to spend time in the dentist chair, and being proactive in this area helps to ensure they don’t have to spend a minute more than necessary.

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