Why Practice Owners Hire A Broker When Placing Dental Offices For Sale In Arizona

by | Jul 12, 2018 | Dental

A dental practice is a lucrative business that provides an essential form of health care to people of all ages, and despite the success of an office, there will usually come a time when an owner is ready to liquidate their investment and sell it to another investor. While they may choose to sell it themselves, more and more professionals are deciding to hire a professional when placing dental offices for sale in Arizona. They provide a slew of benefits and will help find a qualified buyer and ensure a smooth final transaction.

Contract Creation

When a potential buyer makes an offer to buy a dental office, it is crucial to draft a contract that holds both parties accountable and states the expectations of both sides. A layperson doesn’t usually know how to execute these contracts, which may create liability and costly loopholes in the future. A broker will have a team of professionals who will ensure any transaction is as legally enforceable as possible.

Advertising Services

Listing dental offices for sale in Arizona is easy, but the hard part is locating and attracting a potential buyer. A business broker will know the most effective methods for advertising an office and will work to find a buyer. Most are only paid when the business sells, which helps motivate a broker to represent their client and close a deal as quickly as possible.

Prequalification Process

There are few things as frustrating as spending time and energy on a potential buyer that isn’t qualified to purchase a practice. Rather than risking a failed transaction, let a broker conduct a prequalification process of any individuals who may be interested in buying a clinic. It will include verifying any lender pre-approval letters and any bank account or investment balances before moving forward with the process.

When the time comes to sell a dental office, be sure to trust a professional business broker. Western Practice Sales is a leading provider of dental clinics nationwide and will help a seller locate a qualified buyer as quickly as possible. Visit the website to learn more about the services they provide and take the first step in selling off a dental office.