Information about an Oral Surgeon in Cranford NJ

An Oral Surgeon in Cranfrod NJ treats disease, injuries and defects in the mouth. Oral surgeons commonly do extractions, reconstructive surgery, and dental implants. An oral surgeon is different from a dental surgeon. Oral surgeons are specially trained in the types of surgeries they preform, while a dental surgeon is simply a dentist.

Surgeries an Oral Surgeon in Cranfrod NJ can perform includes correcting birth defects, teeth extractions, jaw surgery, facial reconstruction, dental implants and treatment of oral cancer. Someone with a birth defect such as a cleft palate will need to see an oral surgeon several times to correct this. Tooth extractions include removal of wisdom teeth and removal of teeth that a dentist cannot remove. An oral surgeon will preform jaw surgery on someone with TMJ and someone who is in need of jaw realignment. Facial reconstruction surgery is the correction of the mouth and face. Oral surgeons perform the actual implant surgery when getting dental implants. During this, they are the ones who actually attach the dental implant. Finally, oral surgeons perform biopsies and the removal of oral cancers.

An oral surgeon has obtained a dual degree. They have degrees in dentistry and in medicine. They spend typically four to six more years in school than a regular dentist. Reason being, they are specially trained in what they do. A dentist can perform oral surgeries. However, they are not able to do more complex surgeries. An oral surgeon can treat diseases and perform surgeries in the mouth, neck, head, face, jaw and oral cavities. A patient will be referred to an oral surgeon if it goes beyond the general scope of a dentist. For example, a dentist will not be able to treat a broken jaw because they lack the additional training needed.

Oral surgeons are located in a variety of places. Oral surgeons typically work in a dental office or in an office that specializes in oral surgery. The set up is like a typical dental office, but it may have equipment that is specifically for oral surgeries. To find a local oral surgeon, ask friends and family who they would recommend. Also, your insurance company will give you a list of oral surgeons covered by them. You can call places like Westfield Oral Surgery to make your appointment and find out more information.