Learning About Wisdom Teeth in Summit, NJ And Having Them Removed

When a person is having trouble with Wisdom Teeth in Summit NJ, they will have to get the teeth removed. In some cases, removal is more invasive than usual. A person might have to undergo general anesthesia instead of local anesthesia if they need a more invasive method of removal. Knowing how to speed up recovery after surgery is important.

Proper Planning

If a person is having Wisdom Teeth in Summit NJ removed, it’s wise to plan ahead. The best way to ensure proper recovery is to plan to have the teeth removed so a person can completely rest for the days following the procedure. For example, getting the teeth removed on Friday and staying home from work on Monday might be a person’s best option. That can give them three days of full rest before having to return to work.

Getting Calories

After wisdom teeth are removed, an individual should use liquids to get the majority of their calories. It’s important not to use a straw to drink these liquids as doing so can cause complications because of the suction created. Solid foods can be gradually reintroduced to the diet as the healing process continues. It’s just wise not to rush the healing process by trying to eat solid foods too soon.

Keeping The Head In The Right Position

To accelerate healing and cope with pain, a person needs to keep their head in the right position for the first few days after surgery. Keeping the head elevated while resting and sleeping helps a great deal. Using pillows to prop up the upper body can help make a person comfortable while they keep their head elevated. Ice can also be applied to any areas that are experiencing swelling.

A person might not even know they have a problem with their wisdom teeth. If there is any pain in the back of the mouth and the wisdom teeth have not been removed, a dentist appointment should be made to see if removal is needed. Anyone who needs wisdom teeth removal can visit Westfield Oral Surgery. They can help a person through the entire process.