Preparing for Oral Surgery in Short Hills, NJ

Upon learning about the necessity of Oral Surgery in Short Hills NJ, some people grow immediately overwhelmed. In certain cases, it is the fear of the procedure itself that creates this anxiety; in others, it is the uncertainty of the Westfield Oral Surgery procedure. Taking the time to plan and prepare can help to alleviate some of the tension. Patients should express openness and honesty with their dentists about their doubts. Through this discussion, they may learn that the surgery is relatively painless or that anesthesia is available during the procedure.

While knowing about the reduction of pain may not calm all of their fears, it is a start. Patients who are obtaining Oral Surgery in Short Hills NJ should also ask their dentists what they need to do in the preceding hours or the day before. For example, many times, people cannot eat or drink for a designated period of time before they have the surgery. The dentist may also ask that they abstain from smoking or chewing gum. Some patients do not pay attention to these suggestions; then, when they arrive for the surgery, they discover they must wait until another day because they have failed to follow the instructions.

Patients should also find out what the recovery period is for this type of surgery before they go in for it. They may need to take the rest of the day off from work, or they may discover that several days away from the office is best for their recovery. On top of that, if they are getting anesthesia, they are unlikely to have the ability to drive immediately following the procedure. Therefore, they will need to arrange a ride for themselves.

In addition to these matters, patients should also discuss the cost of the surgery with the dentists and call their insurance companies to find out what is covered. Learning that they need to pay for the entire surgery themselves on the day of the procedure can be an unpleasant and unaffordable surprise. Uncovering these details before the day of the surgery can help to alleviate some of the tension and anxiety.