The Dentist in Kona Can Stop Your Tooth Sensitivity

by | Dec 2, 2016 | Dentistry

Experiencing increased tooth sensitivity can be stressful. The pangs of discomfort can be felt when consuming sweet or chewy foods and when temperature changes take place in the mouth. The pain and sensitivity can range from mild to severe, and some individuals find they are unable to cope with the sensations, forcing them to make changes that interfere with their normal life. Thankfully, the Dentist in Kona can help with these sensations and bring relief.

When a patient sees the Dentist in Kona for tooth sensitivity, the dentist will first take a detailed history to discover what is causing the issue. Informing the dentist of where the sensations are felt, how often, and when they are worse can allow the dentist to discover the cause. There are a few different factors involved in tooth sensitivity and treatment options are available, depending on the cause.

One of the main causes of tooth sensitivity is enamel erosion. The protective layer of enamel helps to shield the inner layers from exposure. Once the enamel becomes worn, nerve exposure can occur, which is what causes the sensitivity. If this issue is the cause, the dentist cannot replicate or regenerate the enamel, but bonding and crowns can cover the affected teeth and stop the pain.

As individuals age, the microscopic openings in their teeth can become larger, leading to sensitivity. The treatment for this issue is strong Fluoride treatments that make the teeth stronger. There are also special pastes that can be used to temporarily plug the holes and offer relief.

In some cases, a tooth can be sensitive because of decay or an injury. If these issues are causing the discomfort, the dentist can remove the damaged areas and fill the tooth for full relief.

If you are dealing with tooth sensitivity and would like to discover more information, browse the website. Call the office of Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. and have them schedule you and appointment so the dentist can examine your teeth and offer an effective treatment. With treatment, you can overcome your tooth sensitivity and find full relief. Call today to get started.